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  Interested in being a partner with the War of the Slayers? Contact the host and webmaster at PrimevalSlayer@yahoo.com


There have been various websites online with Buffy the Vampire Slayer Trivia, but nothing I know of has been done like this. Chat room trivia 3 days each week, and on the fourth day, winners from the previous days come together and end up with 1 person, the champion.

How it Begins:

The first thing one must do while joining the wars, is pick a team. There are currently 9 Teams.

  • The Buffy Team
  • The Angel Team
  • The Willow Team
  • The Xander Team
  • The Giles Team
  • The Cordelia Team
  • The Faith Team
  • The Spike Team
  • The Oz Team

    (Teams coming once the above are filled: Drusilla, Riley, Jenny, Wesley, The Master, Veruca, and more eventually!)

    The team objective has changed. Before, your team would come together and one person would leave a winner to the finals, now you just pick your favorite character. Sort of, you're representing them in a way. Your team's scores will be added up in the end of the week, and added to the top 10 section of the site. So what now?

    You might want to check if the team you want is full. There is a limit of 20 Slayers per team. This may not be a problem right away, but once this site gets popular, it may, so watch out. Get your team reservations in as soon as possible. New championships start each week. It is not a nightly game, but it continues from Wednesday-Saturday.

    What do we mean? Lets say you're on the Buffy team. You could have a total of 9 (You can play any time we host a game) Games per week... Meaning, if you win out of the game you will advance to the championship on Saturday night and you will not be able to compete in any more of the games that week, except the finals on Saturday night. The winner of the finals is the champ of the week :) Understand?

    Now once the week is over, a new game week will begin and you will be able to play once more.

    How do I sign up?

    First thing you need to do is go to the "join the wars" page of the site and pick the appropriate link, which would be the "Initial Sign-Up" (Only if you are willing to play more than One week). If you only want to play ONE week, please use the "One Week Sign Up", which will give you 1 week only and if you win, you will advance onto the Slayer War Championships :) Which is every Saturday at 8pm/7Central!

    Next thing...

    After any sign up, you will recieve a welcome email, about our mailing list (Which you MUST be on in order to be added to the wars).

    So do you want to join?

    Click Here Now!

    Note: Please be sure to go to the SLAYERS area first, and see which teams have openings :-) [If someone joins a team that is full, you will be added to the next avaiable team]. More teams will be created in the event that the teams fill up completely.


    2000 The Slayer Wars